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Upgraded NetworkBrowser to Xcode 10

I upgraded NetworkBrowser to Xcode 10.  The biggest change is in starting to internationalize the application.  With Xcode 10 there is a big focus on internationalization (this is a very good thing).  But with this focus comes some warnings for layout builder.  I found that I could resolve most of the issues after viewing this WWDC 2018 video Creating Apps for a Global Audience and using the stacked layout view.

Network Browser

Network Browser

I’ve placed a simple Bonjour Network Browser application over on GitHub at  This is a simple iOS app in Swift 3.  I’ve created this app as an example to familiarize myself with Swift and the changes to Swift 3.

Note, it’s rough around the edges but provides a working example of browsing a local network for services that advertise themselves using mDNS/Bonjour.

I used this article to figure out how to simply configure sharing Xcode to GitHub.  It’s written for XCode 6 but works just fine with XCode 8.